Some Most Common Issues in Linksys Router and Their Solutions

A complex technical issue in your Linksys router can directly impact your web surfing, movie, gaming, and downloading experience. In this blog we discuss some of the most common technical errors related with the Linksys routers and also provided their effective solutions. For instant assistance contact Linksys Router Tech Support.

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Common Issues in Linksys Router

Issue: No Wi-Fi Signal

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The most viable solution to fix this issue is to connect the wire between the two points. You can even can use e power line adapter and gets speeds up to 55 Mbps. The network speed also depends on the structure of the wire.

Issue:  Unstable and Slow Connection

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Many routers use the 2.4 GHZ frequency which is clashing with your mobile phone, wireless telephones, and other electronic device. To perform the speed test, in a series switch off the device and view if you find any modifications in speed, if you discover the variation after exiting from some device, then you can know that your unstable and slow Wi-Fi connection is because of this device. You can also check if network issue is due to the conflict with your neighbor’s router frequency. If still the Wi-Fi speed is unstable and slow then try to increase to frequency of the router to 5GHZ.

Issue: Reduced Gaming Performance

Many Linksys routers are specially developed for playing video games, whereas some routers are mainly utilized for surfing the internet only. The main reason for slow gaming performance is due to when your Linksys router is not properly optimized for the game play. To resolve this issue you need to ensure that your router deploys multiple input and multiple output technology.

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