Effective Ways To Solve Linksys Smart WiFi Not Working Problem

Linksys is one of the best manufacturers of routers available in the market. By installing the Linksys app in your smartphone, you can be able to control and configure your router. But if the Linksys Smart WiFi Not Working then at first, you need to check the wired connections. Check whether they are ideally connected or not.

With this article, you can not only get the simple and complete procedures to solve the problem. But you can also be able to resolve password related issues of your router.

Linksys Smart WiFi Not Working

Primary Causes Behind Linksys Smart WiFi Not Working Error

There are several reasons for which such problems can occur. Some of the major causes are explained below:

  • If the internet connection, whatever you are using is not that fast enough to connect with multiple devices at the same time.
  • Improper settings of the router can also be a cause for the smart WiFi not working issue.
  • Damaged hardware components can also be a significant cause for which your Linksys WiFi is not working as it should.

If these are the causes behind the Linksys Smart WiFi not working problem, then you can follow the instructions in this article to resolve it.

Simple Tricks To Resolve The WiFi Issue Of Your Linksys Router

By applying these below procedures, you should be able to resolve the Linksys Smart WiFi not working problem.

Check All Connection Ports

If there is any loose connection of wires, then it may be the cause for which you are not able to connect your device with the internet.

First, turn off your router and reconnect all the connected wires. After setting the wires in its original position, power on the smart WiFi router and try to connect your device. And if it works then fine, otherwise, go to the next set of methods to fix this problem.

Note: Always try to keep your router in a safe place. Physical disturbances with wire connections may lead to Linksys WiFi not working problem.

Reset Your Linksys Device

Follow the instructions below to reset your Linksys router. If you have forgotten the password of your Linksys router, you can also follow the steps for resetting the router device.

  1. Firstly, shut down all the devices and then disconnect the router from the power and all other connected devices.
  2. After that wait for a minute and then plug in the router back to the power switch. Locate the reset button of your Linksys router.
  3. Take a thin pin like paper-clip to insert it into the reset hole. Hold the reset button for 10-30 seconds depending upon your router’s model.
  4. Now, you will see the power button to blink. When this power button becomes stable, then power off the router.
  5. Next, connect all devices back to the router and power on each of them. Now try and connect to the internet.

Things to remember: While resetting your router, all the settings of your router device gets restored to its default settings. The password of your Linksys router will be changed to “admin.

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Dial Linksys Support Number +1-800-670-7370 for Instant Help

Linksys Support

By following the procedures mentioned in this article, you will be able to resolve Linksys Smart WiFi not working error by yourself. Our experts are quite knowledgeable and are working in this field for years. If you have any more queries about WiFi-related issues, then you can call us on our Linksys Customer Support . You can get in touch with us via our official email address as well. Live chat with us to get the answers to your queries related to Linksys Smart WiFi router instantly.