How To Proceed With Linksys EA6400 Setup | Get Easy Steps

The Linksys EA6400 setup is performed in order to connect various devices to the router through WiFi connectivity. The router package comes with a CD but, it might contain corrupted software for the setup process. However, don’t worry if this is the case, as the methods mentioned below don’t require software for the router setup.

There are mainly two ways by which you can set up the router. We suggest the Linksys EA6400 router users should apply the Smart Setup method. Since it is embedded in the latest device model and supported by all Linksys Smart WiFi routers.

How to Setup Linksys Router EA6400?

If you want to know how to carry out the Linksys router EA6400 setup, this section will help you answer all your questions. The first method is the Smart Setup wizard and the second one is the manual approach.

Method 1: Setup using Smart Setup Wizard

In this method, you won’t need any software or additional driver. You can do the configuration using the router’s web-based setup page. But, before that, you have to make sure that you are fulfilling some basic requirements.

For successful Linksys EA6400 setup, the browser must be updated to the latest version. Apart from that, you must have the latest Adobe Flash Player installed on your computer. Also, check if the modem to which you will connect the router has an active Internet connection. If everything is okay, you can start following the below-discussed steps.

Step #1:

The first step is to turn on the router by connecting it to a power source. When the power light indicator will become steady, connect the modem to the router (Internet port) using an Ethernet cable.

Step #2:

Connect your computer to the secured WiFi and you can get the login credentials at the bottom of the router. If you don’t find it, you can also look at the Quick Start Guide. Always make sure to keep the router close to your PC to have a good signal.

Note: If your computer is connected to the router using an Ethernet cable, you may skip this step and go directly to the next one.

Step #3:

Launch a web browser on your computer and go to the official page of Linksys Smart Wifi. You can also type “myrouter.local” or the default IP address of the router (i.e in the web address bar.

Step #4:

After that, the Smart Setup page will show up on the screen. Check the box beside “I have read and accepted the Licence Terms for using this software” and tap on the Next button.

Note: If you are DSL(Digital Subscriber Line) user, the setup screen will prompt you to enter the PPPoE account’s name and Password. Type the required information and press “Next” to proceed.

Step #5:

In the next screen, tick the box of “Install future updates automatically(recommended)” and click on the Next button. You can also uncheck the box if you don’t want the updates to be installed automatically. 

Step #6:

In this step, you have to type your desired WiFi name and password in the respective field. The credentials of the 5 GHz WiFi will be the same as the 2.4 GHz. Only the WiFi name will be “5GHz” at the last. Make sure to hit the “Next” tab after that.

Note: You can also choose a single WiFi name for both of your network bands. You just need to click on “Give all my WiFi bands the same name”.

Step #7:

Your computer will be disconnected from the existing WiFi network. Connect to the new WiFi and get back to the setup page again. Here, you will have the option to create a router password. 

Now, enter your desired password in the provided space. You can also set a password hint and then press the “Next” button. You have completed the Linksys EA6400 setup.

Step #8:

Click on the Next button and you will be redirected to a new page, where you can create your Linksys Smart WiFi account. You can also tick the “No thanks” box if you don’t want to create the account. 

Then, tap on the Next button and you are all done with your Linksys router EA6400 setup.

What if the Smart Setup screen will not appear after Step 4?

If the Smart Setup screen will not show up after the above step, press the “Reset” button for at least 10 seconds. Thereafter, switch off the router and switch it on again. Wait for a few seconds and start from Step #1.

If you see a message saying “Your Internet cable is not connected correctly”, click on the Next button and follow the on-screen instruction. This will troubleshoot the Internet connectivity problem.

Method 2: Manually Setup your Linksys EA6400 Router

The advanced users may configure the Linksys router manually, which will let them change some advanced settings using this method. Firstly, you should connect your router to a power source.

The next step is to connect the router to your computer using an Ethernet cable or via wireless setup. If you have an Ethernet cable, connect the cable to your computer and the router’s Ethernet port. 

Otherwise, you can also connect to the secured wireless network using the credentials written on the router’s backside. You can also change the Wifi’s name and password later during the setup.

After that, apply step 3 and step 4. But, before clicking on the Next button, select “I want to skip Setup and configure my router manually”. Type “admin” as the default user name and password. 

When the main menu appears, change all the required settings and press “Save” to apply the changes. If your ISP has provided you the details of basic Internet settings, set them accordingly in the router setup page. After finishing the manual setup, close every application and reboot your devices.

Hopefully, we could give you the required information through which you can perform the Linksys EA6400 setup with ease. Choose the method which suits you best and easy to apply.