Important Tips to Reset a Linksys Router

Important Tips to Reset a Linksys Router

Default IP address is set so that users can log in and change it according to their preferences. If there is any problem related to the IP address of a device, then it can be reset to its default state. If you are looking for a technique to reset your Linksys Default IP address then you no need to go anywhere. Here we will address every issue of yours with the help of our team of experts.

Why Do You Need To Reset Linksys Default IP Address?

On a normal day to day usage of the router, one may notice that sometimes the Internet goes down. In that case, you have to unplug your router, wait for a minute and plug it in back. For some cases, the method may not work. But sometimes it does deal with the problem.

So if it doesn’t work, you may require to reset your Linksys Default IP address. Why do the issue of no internet occurs? The reason can be that as the router is a mini computer, it has its components. A router has a memory, a processor and an operating system that means it requires a fresh start to work correctly.

As more and more devices are becoming wireless, the old school router technology has reached its limits. Therefore, connecting a lot of devices to the router makes it incapable of delivering its performance. A fresh reset or reboot can fix the issue.

Another reason to reset your Linksys router is that you forgot the password of your router and you want to reset the password. Resetting the router will bring back it to its factory settings. After that, you can use the default IP address and password and gain access to the router.

You can Reset the Linksys Router via different ways.

Through Hard Reset:

Switch off your PC. Also, unplug or switch off your cable or DSL modem. On the back side of your Linksys router, you need to look for the “Reset” button. Insert a pin in the “Reset” button. Now switch on your router and hold the “reset” button for thirty seconds. Wait till the Internet lights, WLAN and Power button are activates. Plug on or switch on your modem. Open your internet browser to view if your internet connection is working, if not then reboot your PC. To setup Linksys router call our toll-free number +1-855-834-3716.

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Via Soft Reset:

You need to open your internet browser and input “” into the address bar of your web browser. For your Linksys router, this is the default IP address. Also, input your username and password in the respective fields. The default username and password for the Linksys router are “admin”. The next step is to click on the Administration tab. Choose factory defaults and click on the “Yes” button. And then click on the Save. Switch off your Linksys router for ten seconds and then switch on to reset it.

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In the address bar of your internet browser enter “”. Now input the default username and password “admin”. In the setting menu, search for the network settings of the ISP. Note them carefully and enter the domain and host name in DNS settings. Select the “Release & Renew” button to find the IP address which is working correctly.

2nd Important Method To Reset A Linksys Router With Ease

These are the possible cases when you have to reset your Linksys Default IP. Here are some tips or solutions that will reset your router:

Method 1: Using The Router Reset Button

  • Shutdown your laptop or computer. Also, power off any other device connected to your Linksys Router.
  • Unplug your router from the power socket. Wait for a few minutes and then plug it back again.
  • On the back side of your Linksys router locate the Reset insert button. Press the “Reset” button with a paper pin.
  • Hold it for ten seconds and wait for the Power light to stop blinking. When the Power light attends a solid light, that means the reset process is complete.
  • Boot your laptop or computer. Enter your default username and password to gain access to your router.
  • Change your password for security concerns. Then open a web browser to check for the internet connection. It will fix your concerned issue.

Method 2: Resetting The Router Using A Web-Based Setup Page

  • Boot your laptop or computer and then open a web browser. Type “”. It will now connect you to your Linksys Router.
  • Now at the router interference page enter your username and password.  Click on the Login button.
  • Search for and then click on the “Administration” tab. Now at the top of the window find and click on the “Factory & Default” tab.
  • A “Restore Settings” page will pop up, then click on the “Restore Factory Defaults” button.
  • When the Power light is stable, then the reset process is complete.
  • Now open a website on a web browser to test for the internet connection. Follow the above methods to fix your concerned issues effectively.

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The best thing about Linksys routers is that they provide high-speed network connectivity to internet users without any interruption so that they can perform the work efficiently and chances of technical errors are also very less in these routers. They are tested thoroughly for any type of manufacturing defects.

We hope that you can reset the Linksys Default IP Address efficiently. If not able to perform the steps, then please contact our team of executives. Our team will provide the best in class guidance to resolve your issue. Our goal is to deliver 100% customer satisfaction. There are multiple modes by which you can get in touch with us. Our services are implemented by the convenience of our customers.

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