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How to Install DD-WRT Firmware in Your Linksys Router?

Linksys is a data networking hardware product manufacturing company that basically operates small business ventures. It manufactures a number of home networking product such as wireless routers, network cameras, and multiple range extenders. Due to its huge product networking channel, Linksys is a favorite for many users. However, it also brings a number of technical hazards that are hard to die down. One such technical worry arises when you try to Install Linksys e1000 firmware in your Linksys Router. However, we have solutions for that as well. Check out the below sections and get all the necessary information about the same.

If you are frustrated due to the limitations of the software on your Linksys router, then use the DD-WRT firmware which is powered by the Linux OS.  Might be you dislike the firmware which is bundled with your Linksys router and wants some more advanced features. To Install DD-WRT Firmware in Linksys Router, Call us Linksys Router Support Number +1-800-670-7370.

How To Install DD-WRT Firmware in Your Linksys Router?

Start with unplugging all the channels that are plugged into your wireless device along with distancing it from the powerpoint. Next, reset the system back to default settings by pressing on to the button for some time. Install the latest firmware and see if it work comfortably to mitigate the troublesome situation. The main aim in this regard is to get the proper connection between the network server and the device.

Also, check for better internet plans that will aid your heavy streaming experience as well. Do not forget to check for the update of your current router as it is important to keep the devices updated to the latest version. In case you are experiencing any kind of lag or buffering, get help from some expert service provider. In case, your system is connected to multiple devices, then also this trouble may arise all of a sudden. Thus, always make sure that your connection is strong enough to hold up the changes or simply ask the experts to help you with all the technicalities.

Linksys Router Support Number

If you want to full control over the bandwidth consumption, or wants to use your bandwidth for the gaming, or wants to utilize your old Linksys router as a Wi-Fi bridge or deploy it as a second access point for the home network.

To do all these things you need to install the DD-WRT firmware. First, ensure that your Linksys router is compatible with the DD-WRT. Go to the DD-WRT database, and input the exact serial number of your Linksys router. For this study manual, we’re installing DD-WRT on a Linksys E1000 router to demonstrate the installation process.

Another Steps to Install DD-WRT Firmware in Linksys Router

First, you need to switch off your Linksys router. Now unplug all the things which are plugged into your Linksys router and power supply as well.  Now read the installation manual of your router to reset your router to its default factory settings. To do this push the reset button on your router’s back for thirty seconds.

From your Linksys router admin page, install the DD-WRT firmware

After resetting the router, plug it again it the power supply and connect this to your PC via Ethernet cable or Wi-Fi. Now go to the admin page of your Linksys router and input “” into the address bar of your internet browser and also input the default username and password. Now search the firmware upgrade section in your router and click on the “Select File” button.  Choose the firmware which you download earlier and upgrade the firmware.

Dial our Linksys router technical support Phone number +1-800-670-7370 any time, round the clock to get quick online remote assistance for any kind of technical problems related to the Linksys Routers.

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