How to Detect And Solve Linksys Router Address?

Likewise other routers Linksys router has its specific IP address. Linksys usually use as its default  IP address. In case you stumble upon finding out the Linksys router address, this article surely will help you to get your desired solution. In fact, using simple methods you can usually find the IP address of your router.

Commonly Reported Issues With Linksys Routers

Despite its amazing features and high-speed data transmission, it can not escape the few generic issues. Almost on a regular basis, our team gets flooded with a lot of Linksys router problem. Most common of all, unable to find out the Linksys router IP address. Along with reboot and reset issues.

So, here we would be addressing a few steps which should help you to find a way out. Moreover, in case of any difficulty, our dedicated professionals can help you solving the Linksys router problems.

Reboot And Reset The Linksys Router

Solving Reboot and Reset the Linksys Router

The reboot process helps you to refresh your router. You can do that by simply switching OFF and On the device.

Performing a reset resolve all the Linksys router’s minor issues, leaving you an error-free state. However, this will remove all the cookies and caches.

Follow the steps mentioned below, and resolve the issue on your own.

Note: These steps are only available for the users using a LAN ( Local Area Network ) connection in the Linksys Smart Wi-Fi Router Network.

Rebooting the Linksys Router

Solution 1: Launch the web browser of your system and type the command as “ myrouter.local”. Go to the following address and you will find out your Linksys router address.

You can also change the router address if needed by customizing the router’s IP address.

Solution 2: Navigate to the router settings option and then go for the Troubleshooting icon. Perform the proper diagnosis and then reboot the system as well as the router.

Solutions 3: First, shut down the router then turn back it on. Your router will go through the reboot process. To continue with the process, you need to allow the permission by clicking yes when pop up.

Resetting the Linksys Router

First, launch the web browser and go to the following IP address “”.

Now go to the Navigation panel then opt for the router settings options.  

At this point, choose the troubleshoot option for your router.

Then go to the browser and click on the link to reset the router IP address.

Connect With Smart Linksys Router Support

Linksys Router Customer Support Phone Number

Even after trying all the steps mentioned below, if the problem persists then straightaway connect with our experts. We are committed to providing best in class services with utmost customer satisfaction. Our router support team is specialized for the installing routers, configuring the routers, updating firmware software and many more.

Call us: Dila our Linksys router tech support number +1-800-670-7370 and resolve the issues in just a flicker of time.

Mail us: You can also send us a mail at our support ID. All you need to do, mention all the necessary details and one of our experts will surely revert you in no time.

Live Chat with us: In addition to that, you can opt for an online live chat option directly with our support executives.

So, choose us as your primary support partner, we promise to respond back as soon as possible with the most reliable solution.