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How to Reset Linksys Router?

Linksys Router is famous for its worldwide share of high performance and durability. Due to its brilliant performance from its product, it has emerged as one of the leading routers manufacturers. Linksys products never disappoint its users. The user preferred it over any other brand due to its flexible price range. However, if you are a Linksys user then you need to know how to Reset Linksys Router as well.

In case you are also eager to know the procedure of how to reset Linksys router then read the whole article and get the suitable fixes regarding your issue.

Reset Linksys Router

Reasons Needed To Reset Linksys Router

There are various reasons to reset Linksys password. If someone uses the router for many days, then it begins to expose some issues like running slow, a problem related to IP configuration, not showing the WiFi connection, etc. Hence resetting the password keeps the router safer. Users also need to reset the router due to some configuration errors also.

Easy Steps To Reset Linksys Router

The primary requirement of resetting the router comes when it stops to work properly. In that case, you can try the factory settings and reset all changes to the default. Therefore, it will free up sufficient space on your system and its functionality can also speed up.

Method 1. Using Reset Button

The easiest way to reset the router is by using the reset button. To do this at first, you need to switch off your computer. Then, unplug the router from the device. Wait for some minutes and re-plug it. Now, look at the bottom of the router and you will find a reset button there. Press and hold the reset button for a few minutes untill the light starts to flicker. Wait for a while and power on your computer again. Now, open a web browser to check the internet connection.

Method 2. Using Web-based Page Setup

If the above method is not applicable to your device then follow this one.

At first, navigate in the web browser.

Then, enter the username and the password in the empty boxes. You cant keep it blank.

After entering the credentials proceed with the option Login. Now, select the Administration tab that is shown at the top of the window by clicking on it. Select the option factory defaults and also click on it. Wait for a few seconds and you should see that the red light has stopped winking.

Finally, open a browser and check if the reset is successfully done or not.

Reset Wireless Linksys Router

Connect the Linksys router to a power supply and switch it on. Now, connect the device with the router by an ethernet cable. Make sure that the corresponding LED lights are indicating that you have a good connection. Start a new browser window, and enter the IP address of into its address bar, and click on the option Enter. Then, type ‘Admin’ in the password box. Click on the option OK after giving the password. Choose the Administration tab and enter your password into both the Router Password box and the Re-Enter to Confirm box. Finally, select the option Save Settings that is situated at the bottom of the screen.

Additional Tips To Remember

In addition, resetting your device will delete all the data from your system. So, it is always better to keep a backup of all the important files that you don’t want to lose. So be sure that you have backed up all the information before doing the reset process.

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Linksys Support Number +1-800-670-7370 Is Available 24×7 to Online Support-

Linksys Support

By any chance, if you still have confusion about how to reset Linksys password then dial our toll-free Linksys Customer Support and give a call to us. You can drop an email at our email ID. Our experts are available for 24/7. The engineers are always ready to serve you with the most effective fixes.



How to Reset Linksys Router In Easy Methods?

Linksys routers consist of high-end and unbeatable features that have attracted a huge customer base all over the world. They have notable features like high CPU speed and 2.4 GHz radio support. These features make it more user-centric. Despite these features, the router may show fluctuations in Internet connectivity and other such problems. Thus, you may require to Reset Linksys Router to resume the default characteristics of routers easily.

setup linksys router

Some More Reasons To Reset Linksys Router

A router is almost similar to a computer. It contains a CPU, memory and local storage which together run an operating system. Being a computer or a network device, it may suffer from various technical issues. For instance, a bug may leak memory, or sometimes an error can occur due to overheating of CPU. Or even sometimes a “full-blown kernel panic” may damage the entire system. A router manages both private and public IP address which can sometimes conflict with each other. You can sort out all these issues by resetting your router from time to time.

Important Tips to Reset a Linksys Router

It is quite easy to reset a Linksys router. However, you may not be able to resolve it on your own if you are not tech-savvy. Thus, here are some basic methods which can help you to reset Linksys router.

Method 1: “Using the Reset Button.”

Step 1– Firstly turn off your router.

Step2– In the next step unplug your router.

Step3– Wait for some seconds and then again plug it back.

Step4– You will get an insert button at the back of the router.

Step5- With the help of a paper pin, press that button.

Step6 – Press the “Reset” button and hold it until the light blinks.

Step7 – Now you have to wait until the light stops blinking and constantly lights up.

Step8 – When the light becomes stable, that means the reset process is complete for your router. And at last, switch on your computer.

Method 2:”Using the Web-Based Setup Page”

  • Firstly, you have to go to type the IP address in a Web browser which helps you to connect with the router.
  • In the next step, you will get a page where you have to give the Username and Password.
  • After entering the username and password, you will get an option of “Login”. Click on it.
  • Now you will see an administration page open. For that, you have to tap on the Administration tab on the top of the Window.
  • In the next step click on Factory Defaults which you get at the top of the Window.
  • After that tap on Restore Factory Defaults.
  • Now, wait for the “Power” light to stop blinking. When it is stable, or it completes lights up then the reset process of your router is complete.
  • Open any webpage and confirm.

Hope the above methods have helped you to reset the router on your own. If you still encounter the error, then you should connect with our professionals.

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